Detailed descriptions of poly groups in Austria

Poly groups in Austria – detailed descriptions

Austria’s largest regular polyamory get-togethers take place in Vienna and in Graz (more information below), most of them being informal with no host or chair. They are attended by people who are polyamorous or interested in polyamory or alternative relationships in general. Many people have formed friendships over time and use these meetings to catch up with their friends, or to get to know new/more people.

Individuals of all gender identities, gender expressions, sexual orientations, abilities and disabilities, mother tongues, experience levels and of all age groups are welcome! If you have a walking disability, please inform the organizers beforehand in order to find out whether/how the location of the meetup is going to be accessible to you.

Most people at the polyamory meetups converse in German, but there are often some English native speakers there as well, and most people (especially the younger ones) are very much willing to talk in English. The atmosphere is generally very friendly, but please be aware: this is not a place to search for dates or one-night-stands. It has proven to be disappointing to the person who is searching. Furthermore: inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

We are looking forward to meeting you there!

Get-togethers/groups in Vienna

Currently there are several get-togethers/groups in Vienna every month with numbers from 20 to 60 people attending for at least part of the evening. There usually are no plenary discussions, but people chat in groups of 2, 3 or more, and with changing partners over the course of the evening. Sometimes brunches, karaoke evenings, book discussions or queer poly meetings take place. You will find detailed informations on these in the event descriptions on the calendar.

Poly Meetup

  • This is a meetup where you can meet new faces as well as people who have come to poly events since a couple of years.
  • It takes place every other month at different venues, mostly on Saturdays.
  • You will find the upcoming event dates on the calendar, alternatively just sign up for the event mailinglist!
  • Sira and Sky and Julia take turns with beeing contact persons at the venues. If you have questions, please write an e-mail at polywien{{ätt}}


  • Poly-Connect is a gathering place foreverybody who is interested in multi-dimensional love. Whether you are in one or multiple relationships or none at all, Poly-Connect offers a platform to you to meet and exchange experiences or just spend an evening with open-minded, interesting and curious people. We’re looking forward to having you join us.
  • at Schwelle Wien, Tellgasse 25, 1150 Wien – admission fee: see website
  • You can find date and time of the next Poly-Connect on our Calendar.
  • Contact: info{ätt}


  • This monthly event aims at servind as a starting point for all persons who don’t feel comfortable in the world of monogamous relationships and who want to talk about other relationship styles. You can just drop in, eat, drink and get input, answers and leave with new questions in mind.
  • it’s free of charge
  • You can find more information and register here!
  • Organisors: Stefan and Hansi. Both can also be contacted via the link above.

What are the differences between PolyMeetup, Poly-Connect and MonoPoly?

All three have similarities and complement each other well.
Poly-Connect always takes place at Schwelle (a sexpositive event location) every first Friday of the month. PolyMeetup takes place at different venues and different days of the week each time. MonoPoly always takes place at Pentahotel.
Quite a few attend them all regularly.
A lot of regulars of Schwelle’s events (like the Polyamorie-Gruppe) meet at Poly-Connect. Poly-Connect provides a welcoming, more homelike and intimate atmosphere due to Schwelle being cosily and sexpositively decorated.
PolyMeetup by contrast is convenient for who just like to stop by, who don’t feel too comfortable at Schwelle or poly-curious people who would first like to talk to people in a more neutral, less intimate setting. For some people PolyMeetup is the first choice because it takes place in a public venue.
The MonoPoly also attracts specifically people who aren’t polyamorous but thinking about alternative relationship styles. The event dates are published a couple of months ahead, so for people who want to plan in advance, it’s also accessible.

Get-togethers/groups in Graz

Currently there is one regular poly event in Graz.


  • PolyTisch is a gathering place for all people who would like to exchange views on polyamory and alternative relationship styles. All genders, age groups, life and love styles are welcome
  • PolyTisch takes place every last Monday of the month at Cafe Harrach, 8010 Graz at 7:03 pm
  • Attendance is usually 40 or more people.
  • Changes of date and other information will be announced on the facebook page (in German): PolyTisch-Graz
  • Unfortunately Harrach is not an accessible venue (stairs at the entrance). If you need help, please contact graz{ätt}
  • Contact: If you have questions regarding PolyTisch, feel free to write to the team, at graz{ätt} or via facebook: PolyTisch Graz

Get-togethers/meetups in the other Austrian regions

There are also polyamory meetups in Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Linz, St. Pölten and Salzburg. The meetups take place at Bars and Cafes, and currently range between 7-15 attendees. You can find their event dates in the calendar and some of them also announce their dates on the mailinglist. If you want to contact the event organizers with questions, suggestions or concerns, please write an E-Mail at polywien{{ätt}}, and we will forward it to the concerning person.